The Coming Mighty Wind

May 12, 2015

The Coming Mighty Wind

By Linda Bunting and Harriet Wearren

In 1973, the year John and I, along with Wade and Harriet Wearren moved into our new homes on Poplar Lane, I asked Norman Grubb if there was anyone else on the planet that he shared with, Paul's mystery of the gospel in Col.1:28 and Galatians 2:20. His answer was "Oh yes, my dear, I visit folk all over the country." So, I asked him if we could have a house party and invite them over for a week-end of sharing. In 1974 we hosted 40 people, the next year 80 and from that time, we outgrew the house and began meeting yearly outside in a tent with a crowd that grew to 250 coming from all over the world.

After 40 plus years, the Spirit clearly spoke to us saying; "Shut Louisville Down." Age was taking a toll on us and since we were sensitive to the Spirits ways, Harriet and I agreed to have lunch to discuss what we thought He was trying to tell us. She began by saying she thought we should be finished. Then she asked me: "How does that make you feel?" To which I replied, "It makes me very sad but I take to heart how He is moving in you." We parted saying to each other, "We will trust HIM to change one of us." After a few days He said to me: "Unto every thing there is a season," which gave me peace that this was His word, to us, to do. We decided to have one last time together and then let it go. 

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The Sole Purpose of Our Creation

May 12, 2015

The Sole Purpose of Our Creation

By Norman Grubb Union Life Magazine

It has been over three years since I laid bare my heart and mind in the book YES I AM (which I thought might be my last before I join the Hebrews Eleven “cloud of witnesses”). In it I had sought to do as Priscilla and Aquila did for Apollos: “expound the way of God more perfectly.”

But in some areas I now feel that I did not adequately underline certain vital points. So I set out in sixteen sections some extra sharings in the hope of giving certain areas of the book further clarity [continued]

The original is on the Norman Grubb here.

As I read this today, I've added just a little of the thoughts Our Father shared as I read.

I pray you are blessed beyond measure, your cups run over, and you get a revelation of your true identity. Amen

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The Fifth Dimension - All Humans are Incarnations of Deity

May 10, 2015
The Fifth Dimension - All Humans are Incarnations of Deity
I will add the table I mention later today.

At the beginning of today's recording, I share a little background and context.
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Victory is a Man By Chip Brogden

May 9, 2015

"Thanks be to God which gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ" (I Corinthians 15:57). 

When God is pleased to reveal His Son to us, we will learn that 
Victory is not a thing, but a Person; that Victory is not an experience, but a 
Man; that God does not give me a thing called victory, but has given me 
His Son in the place of victory in order to be my Victory. Then Victory will 
never be future-tense and far-away, but Ever Present and Now. For Victory 
is Christ. And Victory lives within you. 

Thus, Victory has nothing to do with the devil, and everything to do 
with Christ. Since most Christians have more faith, assurance and 
reverence for the devil than they do for the Lord Jesus, it is easy to see why so 
many are defeated.

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‘How to maintain unity’ from ‘Touching the Invisible’ by Norman Grubb

April 16, 2015
This evening I read from the booklet, Touching the Invisible by Norman Grubb. I read chapter 8 - How to maintain unity. This is relevant to me because the previous evening, I enjoyed conversation with the Beer-N-Bible group and found myself speaking with great boldness and liberty, the truth as I now know it. And as a result, one gentleman in the group bristled and said I was haughty, because I said I didn’t go to a church building on a regular basis. I was not insulted at all, and my brethren at the table sought to smooth over ruffled feathers as best they could. On my drive home, the Holy Spirit reminded me of His fruits and one in particular - gentleness. I thought I could have been a little more gentle with the chap, and perhaps in future, Spirit willing, I will be. But, and it’s the Holy But (see The Rest of the Gospel: When the Partial Gospel has Worn You Out for the reference), and another reminder from Fred Pruitt’s post today that the gospel is offensive to some, that when truth spoken, clashes with long-held beliefs, then there is this bristling or question asking or some kind of response. When this happens, I know I’ve hit gold and by the reaction I know that their spirit is stirred to ask and respond to my offense. But. And, this excerpt I read aloud tonight is for my benefit, so I may listen again over a few times on my commutes in the next week or so. So I may learn whatever lesson the Spirit wants to teach me about accepting that Christ in me, is working just as well as Christ in my brother, and I should take a lesson from Jesus in Matthew, the plank example, that if want to pick the speck out of my brothers’ eye, I should first remove the tree trunk from mineAt the conclusion of my reading, I share a little of my own story, and how I came to learn that God revealed His son in me.
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Dead not divorced

January 1, 2015

This recording helped many of us see God's plan for all his children. We hope you hear too.

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Wade Wearren simply shares faith in action

October 22, 2014

Wade Wearren simply shares his faith in action. Recorded at the men's gathering at the Buntings, 10/17/2014.

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